Golden Apples Medium - Loose

4 to 5 pieces per kg
AED4.75per kg
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  • 52kCal
    per 100 gm

Serving Size: 100 gm

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)

More Information
PrincipleNutrient Value% Daily Value*
Energy52 Kcal3%
Carbohydrates13.81 g11%
Protein0.26 g1%
Total Fat0.17 g1%
Dietary Fiber2.40 g6%
Folates3 mcg1.00%
Niacin0.091 mg1%
Pantothenic Acid0.061 mg1%
Pyridoxine0.041 mg3%
Riboflavin0.026 mg2%
Thiamin0.017 mg1.00%
Vitamin C4.6 mg8%
Vitamin A54 IU2%
Sodium1 mg0%
Potassium107 mg2%
Calcium6 mg1%
Iron0.12 mg
Magnesium5 mg1%
Phosphorus11 mg2%
Zinc0.04 mg0%
Crypto-xanthin11 mcg-
Lutein-zeaxanthin29 mcg-
Carotene-ß27 mcg-
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