Najjar Raqwa Coffee Machine plus Coffee Capsules Box Free

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It is the first automated coffee maker offering the perfect cup by exclusively using Cafe Najjar Raqwa capsules of shield fresh coffee

  • Makes the exceptional coffee in 45 seconds with only with a press of a button
  • It offers the ability to prepare multiple cups with crema/“ashwe” (no need for manual preparation separately)
  • It has automatic temperature control for boiling and offers constantly 85-87o serving temperature
  • It uses each time the Cafe Najjar Raqwa capsules for the exact portion of the perfect coffee and there is no waste
  • It uses exactly the needed volume of water (60ml)
  • The Najjar Raqwa system guarantees the ultimate hygiene during the preparation of coffee
  • Automatic capsule disposal system
  • Easy plug and operate
  • Easy system for automatic cleaning

Najjar Raqwa is a revolution in Lebanese coffee preparation.

  • Najjar Raqwa coffee maker consistently brews the perfect cup of Lebanese coffee at the press of a button, every single time.
  • First automated process for consistently Perfect Lebanese coffee.
  • Maximum efficiency and simplicity.
  • Guaranteed Hygiene.
  • Multiple cups with "Achweh" at the press of a button.
  • Automatic Temperature control for boiling.

Café Najjar Raqwa is the Perfection sealed in every capsule

  • Café Najjar Raqwa capsules deliver a richly satisfying taste in every cup.
  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Vacuum Packed
  • Guaranteed Freshness & Aroma in every single cup
  • Available in boxes of 100 with or without Cardamom.


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